Joshua MacMillan- Author of Horror & Dark Fiction

The Best of Intentions - Signed & Personalized Paperback




TEN DAYS… that was all the slip of paper tucked under his windshield had read. At
first, it appeared to be a misunderstanding. A simple prank meant for someone else.
Corey Loflin has been dealing with his PTSD ever since his final deployment with the
United States Army. His nightmares are touch and go; only flaring up when he is under stress

from his day job as the Supervisor for a security company.

Little did he know, a typical morning of sipping coffee and having his morning cigarette

would be the starting point for his descent.

His workload becomes a problem, and his nightmares begin to slowly unravel his mind.
His abuse of alcohol doesn’t make matters any better and his grip on reality begins to
falter when another note arrives- this one reading EIGHT DAYS…
He is convinced that someone aims to do him and his family harm.
How far would you go to protect the ones you love?