Joshua MacMillan- Author of Horror & Dark Fiction

The Death House - Signed & Personalized Paperback



Nick and Jerry have been searching for the fabled extreme haunt: The Death House, and they may have bit off more than they can chew.
After being burned multiple times, the brothers find themselves catching a lucky break from a local haunter, telling them the elusive haunt will, in fact, be in their area this year. After contacting The Death House, Nick receives an invitation to visit the immersive experience.
Nick and Jerry, along with three friends plan to accept the invitation to the mysterious place. Things take a twisted turn for the worse when the group are hooded, drugged, and taken away in a van.
Nick and Doug awaken to find themselves bound to chairs in an old farmhouse with their friends nowhere to be seen. They suddenly find themselves in a violent fight for their lives as they navigate the area around them, searching for Jerry and the girls and the answers to their questions.
What is The Death House and who will survive?